Major Religions: Edit

The Boring Religions - I mean c'mon it's a fictional world.. choose a ridiculous fictional religion... oh well.. all major religions that exist today are choices but are greatly reduced in number/influence..

Church of James - Worshipers of the Real James P. They recognize him as the creator of the PoWorld and believe that he is all-powerful and immortal. Only Gingers are allowed to become priests since they are viewed as being the divine offspring of James.

Order of Mojang - Fanatical followers of the demon-god Mojang. They are imbued with demonic powers that make them more powerful than the average man. They hate monsters as well as all those who do not accept Mojang as their master.

Men of the Sea - Worshipers of the sea. Or more accurately, the sea-spirits that live there. They believe in a lavish life under the waves after an honorable death at sea. Most sailors and pirates are men of the sea.