Basic Races: Edit

The races generally excepted by society.

Human: Edit

The most basic and widespread race. They have neutral relations with most other friendly races. A good choice for a newbie character.

Elf: Edit

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Dwarf: Edit

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Halfling: Edit

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Hybrids: Edit

Fusions of non-monsters and monsters, as well as creatures that go against nature. Reviled by most pureblood races and civilized peoples.

Dhampir: Edit

A crossbreed between a vampire and a human. Enjoys the perks of being a vampire without many of the drawbacks.

Cyborg: Edit

An organic creature fused with mechanical parts. Usually starts off human. Secondary Race. Generally well-liked as far as hybrids go.

Neo: Edit

A product of genetic engineering. These super-humans are capable of feats unthinkable to normal races. Disliked despite being positive towards others.

Monsters: Edit

Magic creatures and creatures spawned from darkness. Mostly evil and hated.

Vampire: Edit

Noble monsters that feed off of human blood.

Werewolf: Edit

Noble monsters that appear to be human unless they're under the effect of a full moon.