This is a list of most loot found in DADD. Values are listed per unit or per measure (typically 1 lb/1 sq yard/1 Litre).

Misc. Loot: Edit

Misc loot is mostly sold for money and is represented by a value followed by a weight. It is commonly found in buildings and hoards.

Example: 95cp (1 lb)

Trade Goods: Edit

Trade goods are loot items that are used for crafting other items.

- Wheat (1cp)

- Flour (2cp)

- Chicken (2cp)

- Iron (1sp)

- Canvas (1sp)

- Copper (5sp)

- Cotton Cloth (5sp)

- Ginger (1gp)

- Goat (1gp)

- Cinnamon (2gp)

- Pepper (2gp)

- Sheep (2gp)

- Cloves (3gp)

- Pig (3gp)

- Corn Liquor (4sp)

- Silver (5gp)

- Linen (5gp)

- Silk (10gp)

- Cow (10gp)

- Saffron (15gp)

- Ox (15gp)

- Gold (50gp)

- Platinum (500 gp)