This will be a tutorial on how to fill out a D&D E5 Character Sheet for use in DA: D&D.

Step 1: Character Sheet (Core) Edit

Header : Edit

Character Name: Whatever you want your character to be named...

Class: For a list of classes and their traits, click here.

Level: You start at level 1 unless your GM tells you otherwise.

Background: For a list of basic backgrounds, click here. If none of these suit your liking, you may make your own with your GM's permission.

Race: For a list of races and their traits, click here.

Alignment: For a list of alignments, click here.

Experience Points: You start at 0.

Ability Scores : Edit

You will be editing the little ovals underneath the boxes. Roll 4D6 and take the 3 highest numbers and add them together. Do this 5 more times. These are your Ability Scores which you can assign how you choose.

Strength: Measures: Natural athleticism, bodily power. Important for: Fighter, Barbarian, Monk, Ranger, Paladin.

Dexterity: Measures: Physical agility, reflexes, balance, poise. Important for: Rogue, Bard, Monk, Ranger.

Constitution: Measures: Health, stamina, vital force. Important for: Everyone, especially: Barbarian, Fighter, Sorcerer.

Intelligence: Measures: Mental acuity, information recall, analytical skill. Important for: Wizard, Druid, Rogue.

Wisdom: Measures: Awareness, intuition, insight. Important for: Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Warlock, Wizard.

Charisma: Measures: Confidence, eloquence, leadership. Important for: Leaders and diplomatic characters. Bard, Cleric, Paladin, Sorcerer, Warlock.

After assigning your points to every Ability Score, add any bonuses granted by your race/class.

Inspiration: Edit

Leave this blank for now. It is accumulated during the game as the GM sees you play out your character. Make sure you create a character you can play out if you want this! You may use it to automatically get Advantage on an Ability Check, Saving Throw, or Attack Roll!

Proficiency Bonus: Edit

This should be auto-assigned as 2 because you are a level 1 character. It will increase as you level up and affects: attack rolls of spells and proficient weapons, ability checks of proficient tools and skills, and proficient saving throws.

Saving Throws: Edit

These should be auto-assigned after you choose a class.

Skills: Edit